Electro mecánica


Información adicional

Correo electrónicomaruydiegorematadores@gmail.com
Telefono o WhatsApp091074131

💡 We are at your service for any technical requirement in the area of electricity. Both for the creation of transformers as for installations or updates of electrical devices. We work in homes and in the industry.

💡 According to the standards of Electrical Installations of the Low Voltage Regulation up to 50 kilowatts we have the recognition by UTE, Cat. D. We were graduated of Technical School of Construction Eng. Mario Cayetano.

💡 In order to comply dutifully our work, we focus on satisfy the necessity of our services in the areas surrounding our current residence in the neighborhood “Cordón”.

We started in the real estate area. The courses of Public Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent had been finished by us. We were attracting by the construction areas. The development that it conceived was being appreciated by us.

We delved first into carpentry techniques and then into electrical techniques in the Construction Technical School from Uruguay. Given the complex and competitive market, we continue studying currently, electromechanics.

The carpentry course was started, initially motivated by the recommendation of our colleagues meanwhile the course “Web Development” was being finished by us. A very practical program was being mentioned: autoCad. We decide do it. The course exceeded merrily our expectations. Allowed it us to expand our worldview in the constructive areas with initiative and creativity. Given the discontinuation of the course we couldn’t continue. Nevertheless the course of Electrical Installations was completed successfully at the same institution.

💡 We are motivated and ambitious to continue developing in this area, focusing our studies on automation.

ID de la lista: 8605e8158b2670b5