Korg Pa4X-key OR MG Edition Professional Arranger


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Korg pa4x or edition mg with Newest software and updating.

The Pa4X ORIENTAL Arranger professional and More Of A keyboard. And ‘Your Support Group; Your companion; And Your Music
Director. Whatever SIA music You are going to play, from a Western That Eastern – Arabic, Persian, turkish – the Pa4X ORIENTAL offers.

Brand new.

Sealed in Box

original model

It IS Supplied with all Accessoris

Warranty Policy and Reimbursement

Ship from the US and Send On Hand

Korg pa4x or mg edition arranger keyboard features:
61 keys semi-Weighing arranger keyboard with velocity and aftertouch

High-capacity PCM sounds for Incredibly detailed tools

Defined Nuance Control allows you to ADD realistic Joints for performance

More than 500 styles to cover virtually EVERY Music style

Chord Sequencer captures progressions Agreements and Play on Them

Over 1,500 instrument sounds, with over 500 slot user to save their creations

Large “touchscreen 7 for easier navigation

3 switches assignable control tape and joysticks Capacity for Improved Performance

For further questions, please contact our representatives below, they are always available to give you the best

Contact Name:::: Martin
Skype:::: kaymanengine.nethouse
Whatsapp:::: +12084238072
Contact Number:::: +1 (208) 423-8072
Email:::: kaymanengine.nethouse@gmail.com

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